AREVA TN 获得两项乏燃料贮存解决方案供应合同

March 17, 2016

AREVA TN has recently signed two long-term contracts worth more than $200 million (approximately 184 million euros) with U.S. utilities for the supply of used fuel storage solutions.

AREVA TN will supply its NUHOMS® dry-shielded canisters, designed to store fuel assemblies from pressurized water reactors, including high-burnup, short-cooled fuel. The company will also supply the NUHOMS® horizontal storage system which will house the canisters on the customers’ sites. The system’s robust design offers industry-best earthquake resistance thanks to its side-by-side concrete structures.

“AREVA has built long-term customer relationships based on the strong performance and the safety track-record of our technologies,” said Benoît Fichefeux, Director of AREVA TN. “We continue to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers while maintaining the highest level of safety in our operations."


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